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The company intends to provide the best agricultural inputs, especially fertilizers of European brands, as well as promote the culture of the optimum and correct use of various fertilizers to contribute to the improvement, quantity and quality of agricultural production in our country, as well as the satisfaction of farmers. It also includes all products The company has an official license from the Soil and Water Research Institute.

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Trinecy (Humic Acid Fertilizer and Leonarditis Powdered Folic Acid)

In our daily work we put passion into everything we do: from the selection of raw materials to our production processes, from packaging to storing, and from our business relations to our administrative activities .

PLYMAG is a company specialised in the manufacturing of fertilisers and biological products, providing specific solutions to the needs of modern agriculture. Plymag has it´s own algae extraction plant . PLYMAG, which began its activities in 1978 in the Valencian Community (Spain), carries out its own lines of research in order to obtain new products that optimise the yield of cultivated plants .

204/5000 This product is made of Leonardite and contains a high percentage of humic acid, which is completely water-soluble and adds biologically active substances that are added to the soil due to organic matter decomposition and the formation of essential elements

Soil has a profound effect. Properties and effects in the soil are: increasing cation exchange and water absorption capacity, preventing the washing of essential elements, increasing the quality by creating granulation, increasing the properties of chemical and physical exchange, increasing the metabolic activity and the percentage of adsorption of the elements and in Plants: tolerance to environmental factors, reduce the effects of iron deficiency, improve metabolic activity, play a catalytic role in chemical activities, create complex cholesterols with elements and absorb elements..

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The supplier of all agricultural products in Iran and the Middle East

181/5000 We are partnering with the best brands so that we can bring the best and put your loved ones all over Iran in your hands. Our goal is to support farmers and provide a great consumer product

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